Rampur Bushahr

Once the capital of the princely State of Bushahar, Rampur presently one of the biggest commercial town of Shimla district (Himachal Pradesh), 130 kms from Shimla on NH-22. It is located on the left bank of river Sutlej. The town was once a major center on the old trade routes to Kinnaur, Tibet, Ladakh and Chiana. Even today the tradition is as Vibrant as ever. famous International trade fairs “Lavi” held in November. This is a trade dominated fair and people sell goods worth millions of rupees. Tribes from Kullu, Shimla and Kinnaur bring carpets, shawls, Woolen articles, dry fruits etc. for sale. It is an occasion where people get together, make friends and enjoy as well as exchange goods. The fair is being held for the past 235 years. At this time trade takes place and is at a peak. At night, folk dances, music and bonfires are the attractions of this fair, and also “Faag Mela” (Holi fair) is somewhat different from the rest of the Holi played in other parts of India. Here songs, dances, plays, matches are the main attraction. This is three-day long events start from the day of holi celebration.

Rampur is connected by regular Bus/Taxi services. The nearest Railhead (130 km) & Air (152 km) are at Shimla. Rampur can be approached from Rohru via Sungri ( 80 km ) and from Kullu via Jalori pass ( 190 Km).

In winter, the temperature can drop below freezing point when heavy woolens are required. In summer the temperature is warm but pleasant.

There are number of Himachali dishes which, those who live outside Himachal miss most of the time. There are so many dishes like 'Mah ki dal ke pakode' (Bada), Patrodu (Patode)-made of Leaves stuffed with Paste made of Mah ki dal etc, Poldu, Chiltu, Sigdi etc.

Hindi is the state language but mostly people speak in Pahari. Communities and cultures have intermingled in Himachal. Most of people in Rampur Bushahr are Hindu. The crime rate is very low. There faiths are simple, beliefs ancient and myths difficult to through. A birth, a fair, a marriage, a festival all provides them opportunity for song and dance. Their has been relatively a closed society. They believe that all their act whether good or bad are recorded in heaven and shall eventually decide their next birth.

Ninety percent population of Rampur Bushahr are engaged in agriculture and people are very hardworking. The people of Rampur Bushahr love colour. Their dress patterns follow the local climate. They wear grass or leather boots. Their caps indicate the region they come from.

Famous Places:

RAMPUR TOWN (924m): There are many places for sight-seeing. It is old Hindu and Buddhist Shrines include the Ragunath Temple, the Ayodhya Temple, the Narsingh Temple and Dumgir Budh Temple which has a large prayer wheel and hold important scriptures. In an interesting colonial and traditional styles, the Padam Palace is one of Rampur's major attractions.

DUTT NAGAR (970m): 12 km ancient village on the left bank of Sutlej which derived its name from the ancient temple of god Daattatraya.

NIRATH (950m): 18 km famous for ancient and unique "Sun Temple" of Nirath.

SRAHAN (1020): 34 km famous for ancient and unique Bhimakali Temple.