Padam Palace is one of the most attractions at Rampur Bushahr in Shimla. This building is proximity 83 years old, bailed (1919-1925) at the time of Bushahr State. Raja Padam Singh, a planner of stature in his own kingdom, assigned the task of building the palace to his chief engineer, Mr. Bir Chand Shukla. It took six years for the building to take shape and named after the Raja. This building is witness of the merger of Bushahr State with the India.

The Padam Palace is reflecting the glorious past of the Bushahr State, the palace is an outstanding example of the taste, style and architecture of the former hill states, and a tribute to local craftsmen who toiled to carve out its beauty.
The two-storey building is done with wood and stone, there is a slanting tin roof with spiral projections. There is a big lawn, which was used for festivities and public functions. At one end of the lawn there is a Hawa Mahal, a masterwork with wood and stone. This was used for seating the royal family during the celebrations. The Hawa Mahal was designed by Mr. Gurjit Singh Fishta and the woodwork done by the father-and-son team of Mr. Gurmail Singh and Mr. Gurdev Singh.
Stones for the building were quarried at Khaneri and the wood was brought down from the jungles of Munish. Black gram paste was used for cementing the stone blocks. The stone arches of the lower floor and woodwork of the upper storey mark a striking contrast. The tipper storey wooden screen has floral and figurine designs so as to partially admit light without exposing those inside.